Over 25 years in business, we pride ourselves in being the exclusive distributor for some of the finest modern European Furniture manufacturers.
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Our clearance items consist of quality and stylish furniture that can be acquired at a great price! Please contact us to receive your special price!

Basic-01S TV Base White Oak

Basic-01S TV Base White Oak,Dim.55x17x22.Ships KD, Lights optional

Basic-02S TV Base White Oak

Basic-02S TV Base, White Oak,Dim,71x17x22,Ships KD. Lights optional.

Basic-04S 4 Dr Cab-White Oak

Basic-04S 4 Dr Cab White Oak,Dim: 40x17x64,Ships KD, Lights optional.

Basic-05S Sideboard White Oak

Basic-05S 3 Dr Sideboard White Oak, Dim:63x17x34, Ships KD. Lights optional

Basic-06S 4 Dr Vitrine white Oak

Basic-06S 4 Dr Vitrine White Oak, Dim:40x17x64,Ships KD.Lights optional.

Basic -07S Sideboard

Sideboard -07S white lacquer with oak fronts. Dim: 83" x 17" x 34" ht Ships KD

Basic-10S 2 Dr Vitrine White Oak

Basic-10S 2 Dr Vitrine, White Oak,Dim:24x17x64,ShipsKD. Lights optional.

Basic-137S Table Samoa Oak

Basic-137S Table Samoa Oak,Dim:36x54 w/19" Ext,Ships KD


Nico TV Base-02 in Oak Beige, Dim: 75x20x17. Ships K.D.


Nico Sideboard-07 in Oak Beige,Dim: 75x20x35. Ships K.D.

RONDO -05 Lowboard Anthracite

RONDO -05 Lowboard Anthracite, Dim: 58x17x21 ht, Ships KD

RONDO -06 Lowboard Anthracite

RONDO -06 Lowboard Anthracite, Dim: 66x17x21 ht, Ships KD

SALINA -04 4-D Cab.Sand

SALINA -04 4-D Cabinets available in Sand Dim: 47x20x54, Ships Ass.

LUMINA-01 TV Base White

LUMINA TV Base White, Dim: 63x17x16 ht, Ships Semi KD

PRIMO-LINE W.U. Peltro/Honey

PRIMO-LINE W.U. Peltro/Honey, Dim: 83x14x70 ht, Ships KD

JAZZ "C" W.U. White/Lilac

JAZZ "C" Wall Unit White/Lilac, Dim: 125x14x75 ht, Ships KD

GIRO B Wall White Wall Unit

Giro "B" White Wall Unit, 100 x 18 x 71 ht Ships KD

GIRO "B" Wall Unit w/ -02 Base Black

GIRO "B" W.U. with -02 TV Base Black, Dim: 100x18x71, Ships KD

GIRO "B" W. U. w/ Bianca TV Base Black

GIRO "B" W.U. w/ Bianca TV Base Black, Dim: 100x18x71, Ships KD

JET SET -07 Sideboard Fango

JET SET -07 Sideboard Fango, Dim: 71x16.5x31.5 ht, Ships Ass.

LC Spa Arco Wall Unit

Dimensions: 97 x 20 x 56, Ships KD  Color: Cherry/White   Contact to receive special price! 

LC- Arco Wall Unit (Cherry/Black)

Dimensions: 97 x 20 x 56,  Ships KD Color: Cherry/Black   Contact to receive special price!

LC Media 85 TV Stand

Dimensions: 55x21x43 ht, Ships Semi Ass. Color: Silver with Red lacquer front Contact to receive special price!

Pallino-06 TV Stand (Black)

Dimensions: 54x24x16 ht Color: Black only Contact to receive special price!

LC City Wall Unit (White)

CITY Wall Unit White, Dim: 89x18x76, Ships KD

JET SET -80 Hanging Vitrines White

JET SET -80 Hanging Vitrines White, Dim: 16x15x55 ht, Ships Ass.

LC-Prima White TV Stand

Dimensions: 71x24x12 ht Contact to receive special price!

CONTRO -15 Bar Cabinet Black

CONTRO -15 Bar Cabinet Black, Dim: 41x17x47 ht, Ships Ass.

JODY Wall Unit White

JODY W.U., -10, -06, Vetro -35, Giro -02, Dim: 118x18x77 ht, Ships KD/Ass.

JODY -33 LF Vitrine White

JODY -33 LF Vitrine White, dim: 40x15x56 ht, Ships Ass.

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