Over 25 years in business, we pride ourselves in being the exclusive distributor for some of the finest modern European Furniture manufacturers.
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Azimut Sofa

1 Azimut Sofa-001 in Old 502 brown leather frame w/superior Padova col 3 cushions.Dim:96x43.5x31.5ht.Matching ottoman-008Dim: 42x42

Chanel Sofa (shown as sofa / chaise)

1 Chanel -001 Sofa in V200 leather, white color, with chrome legs. Dim: 86.5 x 37.5 x 30.5 ht Chaise can be special ordered.

Conchiglia Sofa

Conchiglia -001 Sofa only with in BASL-1482

Dodo Sofa

1 Dodo-001 Sofa in Cat V 211 orange leather with gunmetal legs. Dim: 92.5x38x36ht. 1 sofa also available in V-214 and 1 in E-844

Dodo Sofa

In stock Program: Dodo-001 Sofa Only in Cat V 214 light gray leather w/gun metal legs. Sofa Dim:92.5x38x36ht. Sofa is also stocked in Cat E 844 Taupe leather with wenge legs and in V211 orange with gunmetal finish on wood legs

Portland Sofa

In Stock Program: -001 Portland 2 Cushion Sofa in 2 Leather colors: E839 Chocolate Brown and E862 Dk-Gray/Taupe. Dim: 87.5 x 35 x 32 ht. Comes with 2 bolster cushions, as shown. -092 optional throw pillows are available. Dim: 17.5 x 17.5. CALL FOR AVAILABILITY

Seattle Sofa

In Stock Program: -001 Seattle 1 Cushion Tufted Seat & Back Sofa in 4 Leather colors: V203 Chocolate Brown, V204 Black, V220 Light Gray. Dim 87.5 x 35 x 32 ht. Comes with bolster cushions as shown. -092 optional throw pillows are available, Dim 17.5 x 17.5. CALL FOR AVAILABILITY...

Sinue-A Sofa

In Stock Program: -002 2 Cushion Sinue -A Sofa in V206 leather with V214 insert, dark gray and light color as shown, with chrome legs. Dim: 87 x 43 x 27.5 / 36.5 ht

Zivago 2pc Sofa

In Stock Program: -016 & -249 2 Pc Zivago Leather Sofa in V219 Cognac Brown Color, comes with 3 -247 Lumbar Cushions as show, and gunmetal legs. Dim: 108 x 39.5 x 32.5 ht

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